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We make all events an unforgettable experience for both the host(s) and guests. If it's an anniversary, wedding, birthday celebration, graduation, or just good ole fashioned party time, we can help make it an event to remember.

Because our clients often request a variety of services, we prefer to meet with clients and customize their packages to their needs. To meet these needs, we offer a wide variety of different services, either in package form or a la carte.

Below is a generalized list of service categories. There are so many options to choose from, we couldn't list them all here.  If you don't see what you're looking for in the list below, but you think it is something we may be able to help with, please feel free to contact us.


From personal floral arrangements to accent the perfect dress to table arrangements to set the mood. We can provide those special natural touches that add subtle beauty to your event.


Glassware can be one of those touches that adds elegance to an event. We have a full compliment of glassware from serving containers to glass for that special wine you've been waiting to share with friends. In all shapes and sizes too.


In additional to glassware, we can offer a full compliment of dishes, plates, silverware, serving trays, chargers, and just about anything you need for your guests to enjoy that special meal will with be sharing.


Your event may not be in a traditional setting. That's why we offer temporary flooring solutions for dancing, standing and adding that extra special touch of class. This includes hard dance surfaces, soft carpeting and rugs and anything in between.


Just like flooring for guests, you may have special events that need a place to showcase a special guest or presentation. We offer custom temporary staging solutions to fit your needs.


With large gatherings, seating and tables are a staple for your guests. We can offer a turnkey solution to make sure you have enough seating to accommodate them, particularly in the event your venue doesn't come with this necessity.


Nothing sets the mood of a gathering like lighting. It is one of the most important characteristics of your event's design.  From uplighting, to backlighting and overhead lighting. We not only provide the lights, but design that lighting into your overall theme.


Lanterns, votivs, and other subtle sources of energy can transform an event from something that is just good to a magical environment, where the subtle differences help people relax and enjoy one another.


Events aren't just about traditional chairs and tables. Your guests need other places to mingle, set drinks on, rest their feet, or otherwise provide support as they enjoy one another's company. That's why we can provide more than just a chair and table to eat at.


What would an event be without a grand entrance, or place to frame your vows, or otherwise add a flare of backdrop to your day.  Archways are a simple and effective way to provide a unique setting for those special moments.


Whether it's that beautiful satin bow that adds elegance to your seating, the table clothes providing a classy background for your table setting, the flowing ceiling drapery providing a settling comfort above, or the chair covers adding sophistication to your seating, we've got a wide selection of linens to round out the event.


Your event can occur at any time of the year, for any reason. Theme is a huge component of an event's design and the time of year is a central component to any theme. We can make sure your theme matches the season.

Not seeing what you're looking for in the categories above?

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