From a young age Cathy Breitbach always liked to create things. In 2nd Grade her teacher told her she was good at art and she believed it! It was from this point that she had the confidence to do anything and everything to release her creativity and it became her life. She brought what seemed to be her natural born creative talents to bare on just about everything she did. For example, at the age of twelve she wanted clothes that weren’t available, so she took a 4H class on sewing and began her long storied career designing her own clothes. This eventually grew into demand for her creativity in designing and sewing dresses for weddings.

"Well, from a young age, I liked to be creative."

Catherine Breitbach

Building Upon Youth

Experience as a child
prepared her for the journey

A few years into learning to sew, she started having a lot of people asking her to design their bridesmaids dresses and wedding gowns. For the next 20 years or so, she ended up making over 600 hundred bridesmaids dresses and 15 wedding gowns, not counting her own. It was that creativity of hers that had her “customers” coming to her to create what they couldn’t find anywhere else.

As this is happening, she begins deploying her creative talents in ways that extended beyond just fashion, and into dance, gymnastics, choreography, and interior design. Volunteering at the local theater, teaching dance and gymnastics, and making her family and friends' spaces beautiful. She simply loved seeing how her creativity made people happy and transformed the ordinary into something special.

What started out as a love for all things beautiful, turned into several entrepreneurial ventures creating for people, the unique solutions tailored to their visions. One of these ventures was running a floor covering design store with her husband, where she deployed her talents to make spaces beautiful. It was the challenge of making her customer’s rooms turn from “blah” to fun, exciting, and memorable that drove her further.

Several years later, when her first daughter Jessica got engaged, it was “like I got to make one of my dreams come true and create this fairy-tale wedding on our property” for someone she cared deeply about. It was the culmination of a lifetime of experience and accomplishment that had finally led her to this point. It was her first “real” event that involved planning, flowers, decorations, logistics and the unleashing of her true creativity. Right after this unforgettable event, her friends started coming to her asking her to create the same type of experience for their children who were getting married. It was here that Second To None Design was born.